Casa Razdora


Address: 115 Water St Boston, MA 02109

Casa Razdora
Casa Razdora

Phone: +1 617-338-6700


Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday: 11am – 4pm
Thursday and Friday: 11am – 5pm

Short description: Even in Italy, the cooking traditions were being lost therefore incentives to local restaurants were offered to bring back times past traditional regional cuisine. In our travels here to the US, while visiting our family, we noticed the abundance of Italian restaurants in name but not in tradition.
We are family. This is what we would like to bring to our clients. The sense of returning home, visiting Mamma and Nonna. Maintaining traditions of true home cooking from various regions of Italy. We do this by using what we know best. Our life experience.
This is what our logo represents. Tradition and family. The Razdora is the Italian homemaker, creating all from scratch with her own hands. This for us is synonymous for quality and how things are done in our shop.


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