Car washer Karcher Professional HD 5/15 C

Long ago, I wanted to purchase a high-pressure car washer for my nice car. However, I didn’t want to buy a  low quality product just because it costs less. I consider that it’s better to buy more  car washer expensive but good thing in the beginning. Searching via the internet, finally, I have found what I wanted.

It was the car washer, Professional HD 5/15 C  of the great company, Karcher. When you look at the exterior, you feel its power. Nevertheless, before buying this unit, I needed to know in more detail, whether the voltage at home is appropriate for it or not.  I had to purchase a voltage stabilizer in order to avoid all problems. In general, I settled everything for my acquisition.

I bought the car washer in a specialized shop for a reasonable price, got a guarantee and necessary documents.

So, here is what I want to say about it: the water pressure is great, and it`s easy to remove mud! In addition, you can conveniently wash sidewalks, pavements, fences, walls and so on. It also can be useful in the household for washing carpets or spraying trees for pests! Yes! You can do it all with the help of this car washer. Extra nozzles for it are sold in a specialized store.

If you have a garage, I think you can find a place there for keeping this car washer. It takes minimal space and works 100 per cent of the time.


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