Car washer Karcher K2.16

I noticed that my neighbor was very good to wash his car carefully,  by  means of a high-pressure car washer. And, I have two cars. Therefore I did not let the grass grow under my feet and I went to the market.

I chose a small yet adequate strength car washer, the Karcher  K2.16. Weight is five and a half kilograms and the capacity is one and a half kilowatts.

I brought it home and put together everything almost without looking in the instruction, in just five minutes.

I connected the water and I started washing up everything: at first, cars, then my farming machinery, then my wife and my daughter brought pots to plant house flowers for washing. I found the car washer to be a multi-function device.

The water pressure at the output of the car washer makes my day — it was even more than I hoped. It allows me to wash off the pollutants even without applying soap. By the way, the use of soap is a little problematic since there is no internal capacity in the car wash. It is necessary to fill a small bottle and to put it nearby.

In general, this car wash Karcher K2.16 is a star.

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