Car washer Huter W105-GS

Earlier, my husband washed the car by hand from a bucket all the time. Needless to say, it isn’t really convenient and it’s not really pleasant. Therefore he also thought of purchasing a car washer.

We ordered a Huter car washer W105-GS on the eBay sitey. It cost only 57 dollars as at that time a discount was on the site.

A high-pressure car washer is small in size and very light in weight. It provides a pressure to 105 bars and a productivity of 342 liters per hour.

It provides a drawing of water from any capacity. There is no water in our garage, and my  husband always washes the car there, so he made  a similar broad tank on a support with a faucet from below from an aluminum can.  My husband fills the water which is brought in the canisters in a can and he connects a hose for a supply of water to it. With that, a car washer provides very good water pressure.  There isn’t any irregularity in water supply in this case. I saw it for myself.

All the dirt is washed away perfectly with use of active foam, it isn’t necessary to rub a cloth or use a brush. The only thing is, we have to use a chamois on the car after a car washer, in order to  dry it.

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