Car washer Huter M165-PW

My husband and I are devoted nature enthusiasts.  Summer is high time. But our trusty beast has to work and to be splattered with mud to bring us to a responsible glade on the river bank. This is not environmentally responsible to nature to wash a car in the pond. And, it is possible to get a normal car wash in our city only by appointment. Therefore we decided on a pressure car washer purchase.

We decided to do our shopping over the internet. After searching through many sites, and  considering the many models, we determined on this car washer. We ordered on the site There weren’t any problems with delivery and payment, and with this car washer, there are no problems with it either! There are only positive emotions! I’ll start by saying that this car washer is inexpensive and weighs only 9, 5 kg. The car washer is equipped with convenient castors which make it easy to transport.  My husband is pleased with high-quality assembly and a strong metal pump. I like the design and compactness very much. The car washer is in a corridor in the country. It is in a minor road, the dimensions are rather small.

We liked the extension handle very much, this is a convenient adaptation. We wash with car washer not only the car, but also the bicycle and garden stock. We wash without dusters and brushes, simply with water pressure. It washes everything without bloom or stains. However, when there is a water extraction from the tank, but not directly from a hose, the pressure of the water is a little weak. Or, we were already spoiled with a big power, constantly connecting hose. It is an excellent quality-to-price ratio. This is a good analog of expensive models of car washes of the promoted firms.

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