Car wash STIHL

When a family purchases an automobile, many car enthusiasts start to think about buying a car washer.  We have had our auto for a long time, but we purchased our first car wash only last year. It was the Makita model. We disappointed with it. The car washer broke down after one year of use. At this time, my husband decided to buy another one-STIHL.


  • It`s powerful enough for a passenger car
  • It works quietly
  • It is ergonomic
  • It has a long hose
  • It is made of quality materials
  • It’s repairable
  • There are a few nozzles in a set; (also, it has a foam generator, but it’s quite weak)


  • The car wash is heavy (more than 16 kg)
  • You have to buy a foam generator for contactless cleaning

Conclusion: it’s very good and high quality car wash! 

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