Car wash Karcher K 2.100

I`d like to tell you about my impressions about a car wash Karcher K 2.100. We bought it for our summer cottage for washing a car last summer. Before purchasing, we discussed for a long time which model was better to buy.

Our general impression is good. We are glad for the acquisition and are waiting for the beginning of the season in order to start saving money again by washing the car ourselves.


  • Car wash is compact. It can easily fit in a trunk.
  • It has a good pressure, which can remove any kind of mud; moreover, we wash the car using cold water. I checked it many times, trying to clean pollution of different intensity – it dealt with it. However, I advise you to choose the right shampoo at once. First, we bought Sapfire, but it wasn`t very effective. You had to polish the car with rag afterward. Then we changed it for auto-shampoo Hi-Gear, it cleaned better and you didn’t need to polish.
  • Save money on an expensive car wash. After some time this machine is paid off and you start to minimize your superfluous expenditures.
  • We washed carpets with the help of this apparatus. Everything is clean and the carpets are in good condition. They didn’t suffer from the water pressure. In addition, we flushed away the paint from the fence. There is a wide range of non-standard options of a car wash use.


  • You have to buy nozzle for foam cleaning separately.
  • We had some problems with the connection between the hose and the water, but finally we found necessary nozzle and established the contact.
  • Certainly, this car wash price is a bit expensive. However, logically, if you want to buy a good thing you have to pay more money for it.

Where you can purchase it:

We bought the car wash and nozzle for foam cleaning in an online Karcher store.

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