Car wash K 3.97

Many car enthusiasts wonder how to save money on the maintenance of their car and maintain a good quality of service.

I know of one way not to waste money on your iron horse: A Karcher car wash K 3.97. It will be suitable for people who have their own house or water access. Yes, you can certainly clean your car with the help of a sponge; probably it will be even cheaper. However, mud, sand and solid particles which are hidden there, will leave scratches on the paint coating of your car.

It’s much better to wash your automobile without a contact with mud, using a washer of high pressure Karcher K 3.97 and special nozzle. To wet down the body, you should take a bucket of water and quality shampoo. Then wash it with a simple sponge and using Karcher K 3.97 and simple nozzle, wash off the suds and wipe the car body with suede. I wash my vehicle this way, i.e. I don`t have water in my garage and have to bring it from the nearest water pump. Using this option, you waste about 60-70 liters in order to wash your car efficiently.

The second variant (for those who don’t have to carry water) is to wash a car fully without contact of the sponge. Karcher K 3.97 has a function to apply the shampoo to the car body without touching it, but you will have to use special cleaning products for this type of wash.

What are the main peculiarities of car wash of high pressure Karcher K 3.97? It has a built-in pump, so you don’t need water pressure. It can pump it independently from any source. In addition, this machine has a filter of fine purification + I have purchased one more for rough purification (25$), enough long hose, a couple of nozzles and wheels for easy displacement.

How much money can you save with this car wash for a season? Karcher K 3.97 +filter costs $200 + for 5 months (May, June, July, August, September). I have spent $34 for auto chemistry. I cleaned the car one time in 3-4 days, so roughly I washed it about 43 times. The cost of car wash service is around $8, so if I have my car cleaned there, I would spend $246. The conclusion is that mini washer Karcher K 3.97 has been paid off completely and during the next year, it will  save $246.

Anyway, washing your car independently with the help of Karcher K 3.97 of high pressure, you do it better than in any car wash service.  You don’t leave smudges or dirty places. You wash every time under the arches and so on. By the way, for a one car washing you spend from 30 minutes to one hour and a half, if you don’t rush.

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