Cage for rat

In the past, we bought a cage for our rat. At that time there weren’t many options. Therefore, we considered this model interesting and we had to buy something quickly. It wasn’t the first cage for rat we had purchased. Previously, they were rectangular and high. The top of this cage is removable; it is attached a bit roughly on the square
frame. The rectangular of the rods folds, but its perimeter is not dismantled. After some time, the top of the cage became harder and harder to set because of deformation. One positive thing is the solid pallet. The previous ones cracked after a half year of use.  We sealed them with tape in order to prevent new cracks.

The bars and bridge are interesting enough. You can combine them. I covered the shelf for the rat with rugs, in order that it will not freeze on the steel bars (it is bare). The rat slept and relaxed there. But it is not comfortable for two rats to be there.

Cleaning such a cage for rats is difficult. You need move the animal elsewhere and remove the top in order to take out the pallet. It’s a problem.  The height of the pallet doesn’t protect against scattered-around bedding. Generally, the rats understand where a toilet is. For example, there is a tray-toilet in a new cage (the one we have now) and our rat uses it. I just remove it and clean without difficulties.

Plastic items in the set which comes with the cage for rats are suitable for a hamster or mouse, but not for a rat. (It doesn’t fit in the small house, doesn’t use the wheel and ladders at all).

Finally, taking an animal from the cage is difficult. My rats are homebodies and suspicious, so you can’t lure them. It’s problematical to drag animals through such a small door. You are afraid to hurt them. Oh…these cages are terrible. I have the feeling that a person who has never had rodents designed them.

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