Budgerigars cage

Our budgerigars cage is five years old already. It was bought, without much conscious thought and decision. In its favor, it has a deep tray. There was no  similar budgie cage available at the moment.

The budgie cage has turned out to be really convenient. There are 2 feeders, 2 regulating plastic perches, a drinking bowl and a mirror with a bell. The budgerigars cage attaches to a plastic tray with a pullout bottom from below. I clean out this pullout part about 4-5 times per day and the whole tray just one time.  Thereby, there is no litter coming from both my budgerigars.

I modified the feeders after reading frightening stories on forums about how birds get stuck there. I have melted down the feeders with hot metal and have extended the access to it.

Plastic perches have been replaced by wooden ones immediately, because the plastic ones don’t fit the budgerigars’ claws. Later swings, stairs, extra feeders and toys have been added. After four years the budgerigars cage has gone through some changes.  The plastic tray has cracked a little, but this is just because of intensive use.

And the paint has been gnawed by one of the birds.

I’m happy with the budgie cage, but for now I would take the “Ferplast Palladio 4” or “Piano 4” because of its proportions. The “Record 3” is too small for two budgerigars. It could compensated by daily flat flights, though.

Altogether, I recommend this budgie cage, but the “Ferplast” as a manufacturer of pet supplies, I recommend more. They produce budgerigars cages which are convenient both for birds and owners.  If you are in doubt, choose this budgie cage. The deep tray has solved our main problem with budgerigars’ maintenance.

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