Brother LS-2125 sewing machine

I was given the Brother LS-2125 sewing machine for  my birthday by my mother. She thought it would be right to hem garments or to do minor alterations. It gave me the boost I needed! I’ve gotten so into this, so now I even earn serially on sewing children’s clothes. Let’s go through its features point by point.
In the sewing machine, there are a lot of the most important functions.  Nothing unnecessary,  no useless stitching  – all important features.  The machine is fit for making buttonholes. There is even a special presser foot  for sewing down the buttons. There are a few zig-zag and straight stitches, and also blind hem and elastic stitches. Practically all of them are useful and it’s very handy. You can use ordinary or twin needles. Bobbin winding is automatic. Altogether, all the necessary functions are present.

The sewing machine takes on everything I ask of it! I stitch everything on it: starting with chiffon and ending up to leatherette. Knitwear sews perfectly.

Where does the sewing machine fall short? It is in the stretch stitch used for knitwear.  Anyway, you can do without it by acquiring the special needles for knitwear. Also, it wouldn’t be a bad thing if there was at least one decorative stitch. Nonetheless, there are a bunch of different appliances which are perfectly suited for the sewing machine. You can even buy an over-lock presser foot, which will imitate an over-lock stitch.

For example, twin needles imitate a cover-lock stitch: double stitch on the face side and zig-zag on the rear. So, there’s no sense in buying cover-lock. At least if you sew for yourself.

Conclusion:  an excellent choice, works well. There was not a single breakage or halting for the few years I used this sewing machine. For those who sews rarely or from time to time, there’s no need to fork out  for a more expensive sewing machine. The photo represents T-shits which I sewed using this sewing machine. Look and judge for yourself. If you’re not all thumbs, this sewing machine will meet all your requirements.  But if you are, even a million-dollar sewing machine won’t help you, imho.


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