Blood glucose meter Johnson & Johnson

A blood glucose meter–One Touch Select–produced by «Johnson & Johnson, we purchased for Mother because she had to control her glucose level. It cost us about $50.

The set includes the device itself, the stick for puncturing the skin, 10 aseptic lancets, the case, transparent cap for the blood test from forearm and palm and 10 test strips.

The device is easy and compact, it works from a battery CR 2032 (3,0 В) and has a convenient menu. It is easily programmed (time/date) and calibrated. All necessary accessories have their departments in the set.

The principle of the device’s operation is as follows: you insert a test strip into the glucose meter’s input, then by means of the stick and aseptic lancet  you puncture skin on your finger  and put the edge of the test strip to the blood drop. The blood is sucked into the special channel. Then the blood is carried to the control area where a chemical reaction between the glucose contained in the blood and the chemicals on the test strip happens. During the measurement, there is a weak electrical current developed, the strength of which depends on the level of glucose in the blood. The glucose meter measures the current and defines the glucose level. The results are shown on the digital readout screen.

A detailed manual with illustrations is provided with the device. The step-by-step instruction is also shown on the screen during the process (after test strip insertion) so there should be no difficulties during performance of the testing.

The glucose meter allows you to save and review previous measures results (up to 350 memories) and average the results. You can also choose whether to make notes about meals (whether the measurement was done before or after eating, for example). The data also can be transferred to the computer.

From time to time there is a need to buy expendables: lancets and test strips.

In general our mother is satisfied with the purchase. It is easy, convenient and qualified. It is a very useful and also necessary device for those who should control the level of glucose in their blood.

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