Blood glucose meter Accu-Chek Permorma

I would like to share my experience with the Accu-Chek Permorma blood glucose meter. We got it as a gift from the endocrinology department because of my child’s diagnosis: Type 1 diabetes (insulin-dependent). This glucose meter became as necessary as a right hand because we needed to measure the glucose level 5-7 times daily.

Now there are discounts of up to 25% for it in the drug stores of our city. But, the test strips are very expensive – $30 for 50 units. It is very pricey.

The glucose meter itself is very small; it fits in the palm comfortably.

It switches on immediately after the test strip insertion. In 30 seconds a flash indicator appears on the screen. Then  you can put in the blood drop (it doesn’t need much blood).

The lancet for puncturing is very convenient.

Our set included the glucose meter, 10 needles for the lancet, 10 test strips plus the case where you can put all these things. Also, there were instructions both for the glucose meter and for the test strips.

It is possible to set the time and date and different reminders such as an alarm-clock on the glucose meter, but we don’t use these functions.

It has memory for the previous results and IrDA to transfer data to other devices, but we don’t have such devices either.

In general, the glucose meter is very convenient and compact.  I recommend it to those who can afford to buy test strips and who don’t have to measure blood glucose level very often.

The test strips were also given to us at no charge by prescription from the polyclinic.

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