Blood glucose meter Accu-Chek Perfoma

As a pharmacist, I would like to share with you my clients’ experience using the blood glucose meter Accu-Chek Perfoma. The device is quite simple to use and compact. Glucose meter can memorize a lot of measures (about 500) marking date and time (endocrinologists like to know this data). You can put an additional drop of blood onto the testing strip if necessary (the device will inform you about it itself). The glucose meter gives accurate results both with high glucose level and with hypoglycemia. The glucose meter has a wide range of measurements.

And now about an important negative feature: not of the blood glucose meter but of our purchasing system. It is difficult to find testing strips–you can’t find them even in suppliers’ warehouses!  What should ill people do? Not everyone can afford to have a spare device at hand. Speaking about the lancet device – and ours is of drum-type – it impossible to find a spare one at all. They are simply delivered once per year. You should buy another lancet at once.

Given the positive characteristics of the blood glucose meter, the lack of access to supplies is a huge disadvantage.

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