Blood glucose meter ACCU-CHEK Active

The blood glucose meter ACCU-CHEK Active was bought for my husband; he has type 2 diabetes. The meter costs about 20 dollars and a set of test strips of 50 pieces costs around 15-20 dollars too. A kit includes the meter, the battery, 10 test strips, the device for piercing of a finger and the instruction to it, 10 lancets (special needles) a plastic covering for storage, the detailed instruction and the small short instructions for packing.

The meter was bought about five years ago, we measure blood sugar daily, and even twice a day Naturally, it began to go haywire a little therefore recently we got the same model new. We bought the same type because it is comparable in all respects: the price, quality, convenience of use and we are already used to this device.

The device for piercing the finger is directed depending on the skin thickness from “1” to “5”, we put on “3” and we don’t change any more. It isn’t difficult to pierce a finger at all (the first time I was very much afraid!), It is not as difficult as taking blood from a finger in a policlinic, you jump up on a chair there! The meter feels more like an easy tickling on a finger!

The test strip gets removed from the packing and it is inserted into the device just before the measurement (the glucose meter comes on automatically). The droplet of blood is applied on it and in some seconds the result is highlighted on the screen of the device. The used test strip is put aside. The lancet, in principle, needs to put aside too, but my husband uses one several times. The last 200 results remain in the memory, and also dates of measurements remain too. It is necessary to press the button “M” to look. We used this function a few time only when we studied the device and of course, it will help that to track the blood sugar levels with purpose.

So I recommend the glucose meter ACCU-CHEK Active, and not only to those who have diabetes, but also to all who watch over their health! Sure, all of us take our temperature periodically; why should we not also measure blood sugar?  If  the age is over 30, over 40… If periodically you measure blood sugar levels, it is possible to distinguish a disease at early stages!

May your shadow never be less!

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