Beautiful glucose meter

I think that glucose meter Accu-Chek is a very necessary thing. It looks beautiful. The esthetic aspect is important too.

There are 10 test strips, 10 needles, the handle for piercing where a needle is inserted, a handbag with a lock for convenient storage and detailed instruction of the glucose meter in sets.

How to use it? It is necessary to take a needle, to turn and to remove a round nib. Then you should open the blunt end of the handle and insert a needle there and click back. On the lateral face of the handle there are figures from 1 to 5, which is for regulating the puncture depth. Adjust it to that which is necessary for you. It is possible to begin with 3, and then to regulate. Insert the test strip into the glucose meter from below (as in the figure shown on the box), it is self-activated. Touch the handle to a finger and press the button sideways. Squeeze out a little more blood and wet the end of the test strip. It will take the amount of blood required, as much as is necessary. That is all; the glucose meter will then show the result.

The rest is written in the instructions in detail.

I read a negative response online. It is always under way, but after all, many people can’t go to the policlinic. Often, the problem of diabetes happens to those people who are stroke sufferers. Therefore, they lie, but it is necessary to control the blood sugar level one way or the other.  We are issued the table of errors in a drugstore. In fact, the glucose meter is based on blood plasma measurements (I do not understand it particularly), but the point is that it reads a little higher than if you did it in the laboratory. Download this table if you didn’t receive it in the drugstore and compare.

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