Bausch&Lomb SofLens Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

Sooner or later all people with a poor eyesight make their transition to contact lenses. Lenses of Bausch & Lomb SofLens Daily Disposable are one of the most inexpensive among popular other such types and brands.

-Radius of curvature 8.6
-Diopters from-9 to +6
-Percent of moisture content 59
-Air permeability 24
-Diameter is 14.2 mm
-Material hilafilkon B

Usually I carry lenses and keep them on monthly replacement plan, but on trips it isn’t absolutely convenient with them. For example, in the long distance train, to get in to the process in the morning to insert into eyes is really hard. In that case daily replacement lens come to the rescue me. I chose Softlens Daily Disposable for myself from Bausch&Lomb. I always have at least a small stock of such lenses in my hands.

Let us sort points on merits and demerits such as:

1) I have still not perfectly mastered the technique of putting on and removing the lens, so these moments are difficult for me. However, it is noticed that it is more difficult to put on these disposable lenses, than reusable ones. Softlens stick to your finger and it takes some time to take the normal form. I recommend to put them on when the finger is dry and clean. It is necessary to dig the moistening drops in eyes, in that case the lens will put on very easily and will immediately lock in the eye.

2) Lenses are ultra-thin and are comfortable for the eyes. They can stay in eyes for a whole day lenses do not dry out and do not cause sensation of the presence of a foreign body in the eye. I have no problems with them. From the fact that the lens is very thin it allows the eye to breathe. In these lenses one can even sleep in the afternoon for a couple of hours, but after sleeping it will be necessary to use rewetting drops. I wear lenses till 16 o’clock in day and my eyes are almost not tired.

3) Each lens is packed into the separate tight blister and is in solution. It is necessary to open and get a lens only. And in the evening to throw it all out. They are very convenient for everyday use. I always take new couple of lenses, and I don’t need to fill them for the night within the solution!

4) Of course, such lenses aren’t really economic. I prefer to buy lenses for a month. But sometimes I use daily, for example, when I run out of the lens, or I need to go somewhere. Packing of 30 lenses (15 pairs) costs $12 .That is, for 1 month it is necessary to be spent this amount. Though as a rule, packing turns out more favorable when more pieces are bought, as the price of one couple becomes lower. My last acquisition of 90 cost me 24 dollars!!! In my opinion, it is very good price!

5) Aspheric design of these lenses promises a clearer image transmission. I do not really notice any difference when I compare it to other lenses. I see the image in the same way using any of the lenses.

6) It is convenient to open the container because it will not tip over and the liquid will not spill out.

7) Minus is that it is not always clear that which side of the lens should be worn. There is no tag, as on Acuvue lenses.

8) Can be used very easily and in general it is easy to take out with droplets, they are visible thanks to the blue color. On the white part of the eye, this shade is slightly noticeable on closer examination.

9) Unfortunately, my girlfriend feels discomfort in wearing these lenses. In first 15 minutes the lens are strongly felt, then this feeling becomes dull. On outdoors she doesn’t feel them at all, but when she comes in to the room, she begins to feel the unpleasant feeling of glass or even sand. The use of drops doesn’t help it. She says that she wish to remove them quickly and to throw them out. By the end of the day the whites of her eyes become red and irritated. As you can see this is possible and individual response, so I advise to take the lens carefully before buying and try to find a large number of “probes”.

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