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Motorola MBP33 Wireless Video Baby Monitor

Motorola Baby Monitor
Motorola MBP33 Wireless Video Baby Monitor

Video Baby Monitor MBP33 is an opportunity to have work around the house done while baby is sleeping.

Customer reviews

Good quality baby monitor with a steady signal. Good quality of the screen. You can see your baby even in the complete darkness. Two-way audio communication makes it possible not only for the baby to talk but also for my wife. There’s also baby’s audio control.

There’s just one drawback of this baby monitor: weird temperature sensor in the room… very inaccurate.

Awesome baby monitor! I bought it for my son’s birthday. Now me and my wife can’t imagine what could we possibly do without it. We can easily move around the apartment and see what is going on. I highly recommend to purchase it. This baby monitor is worth the money spent. We are very happy with it!

Great picture, reasonable price, good sound, good signal range of the baby monitor.

Disadvantages: after just one month speaker quit working. We couldn’t hear baby in parent unit of the baby monitor. We had warranty so everything was fixed. Also camera makes squeaky sound, but we almost never turn it when baby’s asleep. We set it in one position and it’s working for us.

The camera is great. We had a Chinese baby monitor before and it was $30 cheaper, it quit working when there was a power outage for a second. Besides, it was not very convenient to use. It had small screen and nothing could be seen on it. That’s why when we bought this baby monitor, there was no limits to our excitement. You can see everything perfectly and clearly and hear well. Two-way audio connection is also working great. We have no complaints and use it with pleasure.

Baby monitor provides excellent connection. Great picture and a sensitive microphone. Good price. Great design and easy operation. Best baby monitor on the market.

Good price for such a useful device! Great picture even at night time. Great sound. No interference. Camera can be turned to any direction. Definitely recommend!

Among the benefits of the baby monitor is price, quite good microphone, sound display on the monitor (very convenient), digital zoom, a rotary mechanism; the screen resolution of the baby monitor is not high but good enough! There is no interference in the transmission, portable unit of this baby monitor is very light and convenient.

Disadvantages: in two months speaker in camera quit working (for two-way audio communication) – not a big deal, but still!!! In three months camera’s rotary system started making crunching noises (if baby is a light sleeper, then it can wake him up). That means we need to take a trip to the store for our warranty repairs. Also, in two months battery started to last only for 10 minutes. (I think I was “lucky” to get all these malfunctions). Good option for a baby monitor, not the expensive one.


Philips SCD 505/00 Avent ECO DECT Babyphone

Philips Digital baby monitor
Philips SCD 505/00 Avent ECO DECT Babyphone

Digital baby monitor Avent SCD505 will let you feel close to your baby even if she’s in another room. New ECO mode helps to take care of the environment.

Philips Avent SCD 505 babyphone video review

Customer reviews

Relatively compact baby monitor, easy to carry. There are lullabies in the base station and noise level light indication. The sound is not loud enough.

We liked this baby monitor a lot. We use it every day for more than a month. Great helper in taking care of the baby!

Baby monitor works as it should! Beautiful, quality baby monitor. It has a two-way connection, which some may find useful.

However, it seems there some sort of background noise all the time. I can’t figure out the reason, it worked well at the store – I checked. Sensitivity may need to be lowered. Also, it has beautiful but unnecessary nightlight and music. Though children are different, some might find it handy.

This is my third baby monitor in a row. Before this one, I had, I believe, Tefal – it worked badly, got broken. I had warranty, so I fixed it, but it still worked poorly. Then there was the old model of Philips, we bought it used, but it worked perfectly. Therefore, we bought Philips this time as well. I do not regret it – it has been working great for a month!

Parental unit of the baby monitor can be worn around your neck, if your hands are busy with housework. Beside audio signal, there’s a video signal that is useful when blender is working. Great hearing range. Nightlight and lullabies are used constantly.

Since we live in a house, we take baby to the attached sunroom with the baby monitor, and we constantly need to charge batteries – they can die any time.

Great baby monitor, I recommend to all. When there’s a signal loss of the baby unit, parental unit starts beeping right away. Pleasant nightlight and lullabies. It didn’t let us down for 10 months.

I use it not for a long time (10 days), but I seem to like everything about it so far. It is working throughout our 3 bedroom apartment. It has good sensitivity and you can control the volume. There are batteries for the portable unit in the set. Operation of the baby monitor is intuitively easy to understand.


1, Baby unit of the baby monitor does not turn on without batteries (at least mine doesn’t)

2. There are no batteries in the set even for the baby unit (though there are accumulators for portable unit)

3. When you turn off the baby unit with a button (with portable unit on) portable unit starts making noise as though the signal is lost.

In general, great baby monitor. It can be used as a walkie-talkie within 300 meters.

Great quality baby monitor, everything is simple and clear. Good connection!

I wanted to buy baby monitor of DECT standard with two-way connection. We started choosing between Audioline Baby Care 8 eco zero, Beurer JBY-90  and Philips Avent SCD 505/00. Audioline turned out to be defective. Beurer had no service center in our city.


Baby unit of the baby monitor is strangely made in terms of charging. It works whether when it’s plugged in, or with 4 disposable AA batteries. Besides, it says in instructions that it is recommended to insert batteries (in case of power outage) and plug it in.


For those who want to constantly use baby unit away from the outlets, I recommend to acquire 8 AA batteries and charging device to charge automatically four of them.

Convenient baby monitor, simple, but most importantly – when you turn the baby unit on, it doesn’t make any sound! First, we bought Beurer, which turned out to be defective, and then I had something to be compared to. I don’t understand what the manufacturer was thinking, when they put on a sound sensor on a baby monitor because it distracts the baby who is trying to sleep. Besides, when baby’s asleep all the squeaky noises are not welcome as well.

Other than that, audibility is simply gorgeous, you can hear even when blanket is moving and this is despite the fact that it is actually a meter away from the child. We set Beurer right on the bed and there was no such effect.

Awesome baby monitor. It works great, you can hear your baby without any interference. There’s a two-way audio communication, which can be used as a walkie-talkie, or you can just holler at your kid. There are nightlight and lullabies music. We are overall satisfied with this baby monitor.


Baby monitor HAMA BM3000

Baby monitor HAMA
Baby monitor HAMA BM3000

Device for monitoring children, people in need of assistance, the sick or the elderly.


1. Built-in room thermometer

2 . Adjustable volume levels: 5 levels that can be adjusted

3 . Music Feature: 5 lullaby melodies

4 . Sleep mode to save energy: if for a long period of time there’s no sound, the device automatically switches to sleep mode


Customer reviews

Baby unit of the baby monitor can be powered by batteries. It displays the temperature of the room. There are lullabies. Power button is lit on the camera and that attracts child’s attention. This is bad.

But it’s a great baby monitor for such a great price.

Great quality of the picture, built-in thermometer, lullabies, night mode. It is possible to zoom in or zoom out the image.

Good baby monitor, we are using it with pleasure. Can’t imagine how I lived without it. I can see and hear everything really well. Pretty design. Everything is simple and clear.

The baby unit is powered by batteries, which is good. Image quality is acceptable. Baby monitor automatically turns on sound when there are noises. There is a sensitivity adjustment. Vibration mode. Quality assembly. Baby monitors catches signal through three concrete walls.


Ideally my first choice would be baby monitor MBP33, but there is a huge drawback – baby unit works ONLY from the plug. Well, you know that the outlet is not always nearby (balcony, outside or in the country).

It took me quite some time to choose baby monitor and I bought this one. Although it was kind of dumb to buy from a company that makes cables and other stuff.

Baby monitor is superb! It has all the necessary functions. It responds great to baby’s cry. I liked the power saving mode and that baby monitor when in work doesn’t have that typical noise. Power saving mode disables the radio module of the baby unit if there are no events. In other words, it does not emit anything. If one of the following events occur – sound, temperature, the battery of the baby unit is getting low – baby monitor turns on sound and display. And it does not turn off until the sounds stop. Once there is silence, the connection is turned off, the display fades.

To cut a long story short, for $ 40 it is what you need!

Picture doesn’t freeze. Baby monitor is compact (don’t see the point in a larger size). Lullabies can be turned on from both parent and baby units.

Camera is not regulated from its own unit, but it’s not a big deal.

Great baby monitor for the money, feel free to buy!!!


Maman VM2400 baby monitor

Maman baby monitor
Maman VM2400 baby monitor

Maman VM2400 is a multifunctional wireless video surveillance system. It uses an advanced data transmission technology that avoids interference. Baby monitors has a color screen and reception range of up to 150 meters.

Customer reviews

No interference! The production quality, ease of use, two-way audio communication, flashlight camera, remote lullaby switch, baby monitor design, night vision, in complete darkness the picture is showing perfectly. In general, there are many advantages.

Baby unit, the one that stands in the crib, makes loud noise twice. Sometimes we forget to turn it on and when baby’s fast asleep it beeps when switched on. It’s just a trifle but not a pleasant one.

Other than that it’s a great baby monitor, we use it everywhere. There is a way to make it completely wireless – 4 AAA batteries can be inserted into the camera and hallelujah. This is what we do when we are in the country – we take a stroller and put it under a tree in the shadow and set a camera, we are inside and the connection is awesome. In our apartment the crib is in the furthest room, and the signal is great on the other end in the kitchen! And there are two walls on the way! There was only one place where baby monitor refused to work – at my wife’s parents’ house. You go downstairs and there’s no signal. However, it is the same with the telephone. Great baby monitor. I recommend!


Motorola MBP36 Remote Wireless Baby Monitor

Motorola Baby Monitor
Motorola MBP36 Remote Wireless Baby Monitor

Baby monitor Motorola MBP36 is a modern multifunctional digital device that provides reliable monitoring of the baby at any time. Thanks to mobile parent unit, being in any room in the house, you can not only hear but also see your baby during the day and at night. Talk-Back Intercom System, implemented in the “Conversation” mode, will allow you to calm your agitated baby and pleasant lullaby will lull his before bedtime.

Customer reviews

Good picture. Baby is clearly seen in the complete darkness. There’s a camera pivot mechanism on the parent unit of the baby monitor, the pivot mechanism is very quiet, almost inaudible.

Very sensitive microphone. Confident reception. It is possible to add additional 3 cameras to baby monitor (It’s good when there’s a crib, play yard or a separate play mat)

My wife is very happy with the baby monitor. If the crib is in sight, then baby monitor turns off the screen and turns on if light bulbs start to work, i.e. child moves or cries. If it is not in sight – it increases the volume and that’s it. The reception signal is maximum all over the apartment (our apartment is 72 sq.m.), even through three walls.

Just for fun I took the parental unit with me and went outside… and our apartment is on the 9th floor. Signal decreased in half, but was still perfectly visible and audible. Overall this baby monitor is a very useful thing for your own peace of mind.

Now I can just close the door to the room, watch movies at a comfortable volume and not run constantly to check baby’s state.


Digital Baby Monitor Motorola MBP-16


Digital Baby Monitor Motorola
Digital Baby Monitor Motorola MBP16

Baby Monitor Motorola MBP16 is a way to freely occupy yourself with household chores while baby’s sleeping. The main feature of this baby monitor is a digital signal transmission technology based on DECT technology with a selection of free frequency to avoid interference.

Customer reviews

No noises of any kind, works well. Also, it is quite sensitive. Easy clip on the parent unit of the baby monitor. Good nightlight – doesn’t blind you with its light being quite strong at the same time (but you can’t read with still). Battery lasted for 3-4 days (used for 5-6 hours per day).

Baby monitor quit working after a year. Just quit all of a sudden. Baby unit works only from the plug. Lullabies are a little horrible. Turning on/ off via the numeric key doesn’t work from time to time.

In general, good baby monitor. Better than some expensive baby monitors.

Baby monitor performs all the claimed functions well. Sensitivity, volume and sound quality are very high.

Some useful things that haven’t been mentioned in the characteristics:

1. Baby monitor not only allows you to talk with your child, but also turn on and off the night light remotely.

2. Nightlight is enough for night feedings, just right not to miss.


1. A bit clumsy display text (I already forgot about ancient display of letters and small intervals between them as on the digital clock.)

2. I wish they installed batteries on the baby unit of the baby monitor.

3. Doesn’t turn on/off a lullaby remotely.

This baby monitor is really good. We used it for 10 months and can’t complain. The only thing – in exactly 10 months it lost connection. I ordered the same model again. Other than that everything is great. It worked well and audibility is perfect.

Sensitive baby monitor, reacts only to a changing sound, disregarding feeble background noise. Nightlight is not bad, remote temperature measurement, two-way audio connection.

Parental unit charges for too long – 6 hours, not less. There are no battery for baby unit.

Other than that, good baby monitor. If not for the mentioned disadvantages, I would give it a 5.

Good connection and good audibility. Baby monitor covers apartment fully. Battery on the parent unit lasts long enough (about 6 hours).

It shows what the temperature in the nursery is. There’s a signal when the battery is low. I liked the design and it’s not complicated to use.

It’s bad there is no battery on the baby unit. Very slow reaction to sound (I believe it to be critical for baby monitors and therefore my score is 3). i.e. I can hear baby crying through the wall already, and the baby monitor reacts just in couple of seconds.

General impression is good. If the reaction time is modified, this baby monitor will be priceless.


Baby monitor Beurer JBY-86

Baby monitor Beurer
Baby monitor Beurer JBY-86

It is a reliable device for monitoring your baby; it will make you feel as thoug hyour baby is by your side even if he’s in another room.

Customer reviews

Nicely designed baby monitor, durable materials – my kids dropped it, chewed on it and played war games with it. Connection without interruptions, baby monitor works perfectly! We were happy to use it for 1,5 years, BUT ….

In 1,5 years of our joy both units stopped charging. We changed the batteries … nothing … doesn’t respond at all … it doesn’t work from the plug either. Now we need to buy something new …. And we hoped that this baby monitor will last for at least one more munchkin.

Extremely positive experience and annoying disappointment!


Baby monitor Maman FD2800

Baby monitor Maman
Baby monitor Maman FD2800

Customer reviews

We use it for couple of months, great baby monitor! It has a sensitive transmitter, reacts to every single squeak. However, if the music is playing in the room, baby monitor gets used to it, so to say, and perceives it as a background noise. Both transmitter and receiver works from batteries and plug. Plastic that baby monitor is made of is of high quality, it looks really beautiful.

Convenient to use baby monitor, no complaints whatsoever. I use it for several months in a row with no problems. Baby sleeps in the house made of block walls (30 meters, audibility is good, but I didn’t try using it for long distances). Highly recommended! It’s a great baby monitor for this price.

Great baby monitor. It was a present when we welcomed our baby. It works on AAA batteries or from the plug. The audibility is awesome, you can hear every single noise. This baby monitor is easy to use, you can figure out everything without instructions. I’m giving it a 5.

We use it for 2 months now. Awesome baby monitor! You can hear every quiet noise, every baby’s move. Even when there are fireworks at nighttime, it doesn’t react (what a sensitivity). I am very happy with my purchase, I don’t have any regrets!!!

Usually I am very skeptical about such things, but we decided with my husband to buy a baby monitor – sometimes you just need to step out of the room or monitor baby at nigh time. There’s no need to jump up with the the thought that something might be happening. Baby transmits all the sounds great, even all the movement of the baby. I even started to sleep better at night. There’s only one thing – plastic that baby monitor is made of is not very durable, I think it can be easily cracked. Though we didn’t drop it yet and hopefully we won’t. Overall a good and very useful baby monitor for all parents!

Compared to baby monitor Motorola MBP16 the sensitivity is worse and coverage is smaller. Within 50 meters through a brick wall there’s only a wheezing sound, you can’t tell if baby is awake or there’s just a noise outside the window.

I have two baby monitors, this one and Motorola MBP16. The second one is cheaper and better, but baby monitor doesn’t work on batteries, so I use both of them.

It makes noises, reacts only in 20-30 seconds, when kids got off their beds and run around the room. I don’t recommend this baby monitor.

Very noisy, if the child makes some quiet noises, you can just hear something like a hiss. It doesn’t react well to the baby; we hear baby cry though the wall and only then baby monitor reacts.

Why would anyone ever think of setting bright light that also flashes on baby unit of the baby monitor?

In order to understand that the units lost each other, you need to learn this sound from the manual, you won’t understand it intuitively. Few channels, only two of them. Retractable antenna is too long.

Absolutely ill-conceived baby monitor with long antenna, which is easy to break, by the way.

I bought it based on reviews, but I did not like it at all. Of course, it could be some kind of defect, but I didn’t want to  tempt fate for a second time.

We live in three-bedroom apartment and this baby monitor doesn’t work at all through 3 walls. There’s just some kind of feeble hiss coming from it. I don’t understand what’s with the hype and numerous positive reviews.


Motorola MBP28/2 Digital Wireless Video Baby Monitor

Motorola Video Baby Monitor
Motorola MBP28/2 Digital Wireless Video Baby Monitor

Motorola MBP28/2 baby monitor will always help you to be in touch with your baby. This baby monitor has 2-inch color monitor and two cameras for convenient observation of your baby.

Customer reviews

Battery of the parent unit charges for 15 hours and dies in 3!

Quality of the video/ screen leaves a lot to be desired. If the camera is meter away from the baby, you will not see anything. You can not remotely turn lullaby from parent unit of the baby monitor.

Decent baby monitors for the price, but I was very upset with battery of the parent unit and video quality.

Horrible resolution of 0.3 megapixels. You can’t see the child, only the silhouette. On the second day after 1 hour of work one of the cameras stopped working. Now I will need to return it to the store.

I returned this baby monitor in 2 days. Video on the screen can only be compared to the first motorola phones. It is impossible to understand anything, the frame rate is probably 1-1.5 per second. I guess, only experienced user of motorola equipment can figure out how it works  – there’s no logic in this device whatsoever.

There is a lullaby function, but you can’t turn it on from the parent unit, only from the baby unit. Besides, if the baby unit of the baby monitor is not in connection with the parent unit, then it can’t play melodies as well. My opinion is that you probably can’t come up with a worse baby monitor.

Do not purchase this model! It’s a useless piece of plastic that does not even deserve a review.


Philips Avent SCD 485/00 baby monitor

Philips baby monitor.
Philips Avent SCD 485/00 baby monitor.

Analog baby monitors of a new series provide absolutely clear sound and equipped with volume control, light sound indicators, connection indicators and low battery indicators, so you will always hear when your baby needs you.

Customer reviews

If it was possible to rate 0, I’d gladly do it! This baby monitor constantly makes some kind of noises, ordinary Chinese radios for $30 send better signal. I’m going to return it tomorrow. It’s better to buy a digital baby monitor.

The noise of the baby monitor is very strong on both channels. For such price they could’ve made 16 channels as on SCD480. Carrying parent unit is simply not possible – there are no clips. I guess, you can wear it around your neck on a chain. Both units are somewhat heavy. Baby monitor does not turn off completely. i.e. there’s no power saving mode (batteries will need to be changed daily).

It is weird to me that it’s being sold for such a price … With such an array of features and quality of the signal even $20 seem like too much. Even walkie-talkie transmits better signal than this baby monitor.


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