Baby Activity Gyms and Playmats Review

First it’s the Tiny Love Gymini Move and Play Activity Gym


Tiny Love Gymini Move and Play Activity Gym
Tiny Love Gymini Move and Play Activity Gym


Description from manufacturer:

  • Revolutionary arch connector offers endless playtime options
  •  Sliding rings enable flexible toy positioning
  •  Extra large mat allows for extra play space
  •  Getting baby in and out is hassle-free!
  •  An excellent product for extending tummy time
  •  Mat Size: 106X114CM / 44.5 X41.5IN

Play Activity Gym
Play Activity Gym
Gymini Move and Play Play Mat
Gymini Move and Play Play Mat

Playmat equipped with movable mounting rings that allows you to place toys as it is comfortable for you and your child. The innovative movable arcs give to babies many game opportunities. The mat has three-dimensional spatial form with rounded arches and bumpers of playmat can lift and fix.

Features: vibrating mechanism, integrated rattle for the development of hearing, special teethers that baby can thumbing and gnawing, reflective elements for vision developing, rustling and crunchy elements for the development of hearing. Toy made ​​from different materials that helps the development of touch the child.

Reviews of those who bought it (customer reviews): 

Playmat we were presented with a 3-month and immediately began put into it our baby. At the first baby just watched on blinking lights and listening to music. Now we are 5 months, we’re stroking animals, touch rustling items. Very qualitative baby gym, playmat is easy to clean, arcs removable (they are on buttons). When the baby will be sitting will start using just as mat for plays on a floor. Deficiencies is not revealed. Great baby playmat especially as a gift.

Baby liked everything in this playmat, many bright toys that on itself keep the child’s attention, music is also very pleased (6-8 melodies, do not remember exactly but funny). Colorful playmat, opportunity to transform it liked to my wife. And most importantly mat can be easily folded, remove and transport, well at home we simply hang play mat on the wall (mat is light and it can be quietly hang on the office clips for documents and playmat hangs perfectly). And most important it baby gym is easy to clean.

Overall my baby’s liking it playmat. But vibrating mechanism I still do not saw! And batteries could be put in a set!

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