Aquarium Savic Aqua Smile

We bought an aquarium for the snail Achatina. We chose a simple variant, which was suitable for all our requirements. It is light and spacious, without sharp corners. The coloration is nice; it can be with a light green or blue top. There is a flap cover on this aquarium, that’s why it is easy to wash and provide food. In addition, there are many ventilation slots in the top. For wires and tubes, the cover has a hole; especially it is necessary for fish. The size of aquarium can be different: from 3 to 14 liters. The price varies from 15 to 50 dollars.

Except for the cover, all sides are transparent (including the bottom), in order to watch for, as in our case, the snail. This functionality saved us from an invasion of snails.

Now I’ll tell you the story. We were watching the snail. It changed its mood, became so thoughtful . The snail ate a lot, but moved much less. It sat all the time in the ground. Therefore, we decided to see what was going on. Surprise!

The snail laid eggs. When we discovered them, it was some time ago, because they were about one centimeter. We learned about them in time. If the bottom hadn’t been transparent and the aquarium hadn’t been lighted, we would have become the “happy” owners of 100 snails.

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