Aquarium Juwel Rekord 600 63 liters

What  can you watch endlessly? The sky, fire and water.

I got an aquarium for the relaxation and … for my cats. I thought that in the mornings, they would  be interested to look at small fish instead of  mewing in my ear. But, it was not to be.  In the mornings, they mew as before, and in the evening they watch “In the World of Animals – the Underwater World”  life.

JUWEL Rekord 600 is a fine thing for the beginning aquarium owners. The volume is 63 liters. There is a functional cover which opens in two steps: raising of the lamp and a cover for feeding.

It’s a small convenient aquarium. This is an ideal for little fish and for invertebrates.

There is an excellent four-layer filter! It works very silently, you can sleep with your arms around each other without problems. The water is always crystal-clear.The sponges wash easily. You can not fail with washing the soil. It is simply necessary to move the pebbles. The dirt rises in the water, and the filter  will clear everything to a perfect condition in less than an hour. The filter, a pump and a heater hide also in an angular black box. It is a huge plus. After cleaning, the water gets warm and at once gets to the aquarium. There aren’t any devices on the corners; everything is veiled in “a dark corner”. The lighting is perfect. Plants grow,  although  I don’t especially keep watch over the ideal water temperature. Aquarium heaters and temperature controllers.

Everything works correctly and the most necessary elements already come with the aquarium.

  • heater
  • 4 sponges for the filter
  • pump
  • lamp

If you have only a few plants, I advise you to buy Aqua-cock for water enrichment by oxygen.

Small care will be rewarded by big pleasure 😉

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