Aquarium Eheim MP Aquastar 60 54 litres

All amateur aquarium owners begin with cans, bottles and small aquariums. But as people say, one leg of mutton helps down another, and instead of small aquariums come middle-sized and bigger ones. My idea seemed almost impossible. My new aquarium should be the same height as my old 20-litre one but its capacity should become three times as big. In other words, I wanted to squeeze it in the height of wall unit.

As I checked out all nearby pet stores and searched the Internet, I found an aquarium manufactured by a German company Eheim MP Aquastar 60 with capacity of 54 liters. The cover can be white or black. The height with the cover is 35 cm, depth is 30 cm and the length is 60 cm.

The aquarium is square made of 2-mm glass without a frame. The walls are flat and transparent. They do not mar the image. The top has a fluorescent lamp having a capacity of 15W.

There are two flap covers. There’s a possibility to place an automatic feed box into the left unit.

The right unit, a bigger one, is meant for convenient access to the water and fish.

There are two holes for wires and an air tube in the back cover.

The Eheim MP Aquastar 60 aquarium could be purchased packaged or not. It was packaged with filter-compressor, thermometer and heating boiler.  I didn’t need a thermometer or heating boiler and I already had a filter-compressor. So I refused the packaging. The difference was $30. The aquarium cost $40. I was satisfied with my purchase. My fish changed a 20-liter small house for a house with “advance planning”. My next aquarium will be 200-liters I hope.

I wish you successful purchases and good spirit!

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