Aquarium 30l Tetra Aquaart

I wanted to get soe small fish long ago and my neigbour gave me some small fish in a round aquarium  of  10 liters. She was tired of having to look after it.  Having read on the different sites about small fish, I understood that I needed to buy a bigger rectangular aquarium in oder to provide the best environment for the fish. I decided to buy a 30 liter size, as  I have no place to put a larger unit. I began to think  of what manufacturer to choose. I looked for information on the Internet, but there wasn’t  very much and what I found was generally about customized  big aquariums. I, with my husband, went shopping, but there were no brand-name aquariums of the desired volume. It was necessary to buy a generic- as  the seller told me that it’s from original glass. This aquarium stayed at my house only three months and then the back wall splintered. It was good that I was at home at this moment, or both small fish would have been lost and the neighbors would have flooded.

I understood that it is necessary to buy a quality aquarium – а cheapskate pays twice. I made the choice of Tetra-firm as the best producer in the area of aquarium husbandry. I ordered off the Net (why hadn’t I ordered  earlier there?). The aquarium is very beautiful. It has a convenient cover with two opening “windows” in order to feed small fish and for access to the equipment. In a set, there is a filter with two replaceable cartridges, and also the water conditioner and a 100 ml. forage jar for small fish. And also there is a book for the beginning aquarium hobbyists with answers to all the questions: how to develop an aquarium; how to choose small fish and plenty of detailed pictures. There is also a cap protection for a luminescent lamp, and a button for on and off lighting. In my previous version, this feature wasn’t available – it was necessary to unplug the light from the socket every evening. And, there is still behind in a cover, special openings for wires that are unseen. Tetra costs $100 in comparison with my former aquarium for $30, but it is worth it.

I recommend each and all not to scrimp on an aquarium – there will be fewer disappointments.

I hope my response will help those who want to buy a small aquarium and don’t know what brand to choose.

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