Apple iPhone 6 Smartphone – Review

Greetings to all owners of Apple gadgets who just dropped in for a visit out of curiosity!
Regarding the purchase of the Apple iPhone 6 Smartphone, I began to think long and hard after its official announcement. I loved and still love my old 4S and I think that this model has become the most successful in the current lineup of Apple smartphones. However, I walked with him for 3 years. Technology does not stand still, and the soul needs to be updated.
I will not hide my doubts. I was skeptical about an increase in size. Do you remember when cell phones were just size of a brick? Then the tendency to reduce their size disappeared. I remember young ladies wore around their necks a small, folding cell phone in which it was impossible to press the button with your finger. Well, now the trend is totally different. Sizes are increasing.
I loved my fourth iPhone not only for its quality and performance, but also for its size. It can be put into any pocket. I am a very petite lady and always carrying a separate bag for phone is not very desirable. Holding it in my hand was very convenient. The iPhone 6 made me feel like I was holding a shovel. About the 6 plus, I generally keep quiet. After the official presentation of Apple, my desire to try 6-th was growing, but I decided not to buy until I handled one and found out if I could use this shovel or not.
After the official start of sales, it was hard to buy it in any local store.
Finally, thank to Apple Online Store, I became the owner of iPhone 6 with a gold case (64 GB). The 32 GB model in the lineup is now out and buying a 16 GB for me is not serious because the phone records HD video in 1080 pixels and the videos are large.
The pleasure cost me 1155 dollars.
The iPhone 5 and all of its modifications passed by me although I tested them at friends and acquaintances. So my impressions will be described in comparison with the legendary fourth (or other 4s).
This does not take away from Apple. Instead, it shows that the designers’ and the marketing team’s work is not in vain. Only you take the box in your hands and you get high. At this time, the package is absolutely laconic and minimalist. It doesn’t even have the phone image but is still pleasant for tactile sensations.

Inside the package, you find the standard “Apple” set:
• Smartphone
• Headphones/EarPods
• Charger
• Cable with 8 pin connector lighting
• Quick start guide, warranty and, of course, two stickers with the Apple logo (where is the glue? since the early gadgets already a whole bunch of stores)


Owners of the iPhone 5 are accustomed to the metal casing. For me, it is a novelty. Now I think that the iPhone 4 is thick and heavy, and the iPhone 6, despite its very large size, is just a piece of fluff in my hand.

In fact, the design has not changed much. Those who said that it was copied from Samsung and HTC should look closely at the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 5. The design is almost unchanged. Yes, the size has changed, the lateral edges are rounded (with an increase in the size of the “sharp edges” will poke into the palm), shutdown button “moved” to the lateral side (in order to be able to reach a finger of one hand).

However, it’s the same iPhone with very recognizable design. The strip on the back side is not a change of design.

Tactile sensations are very pleasant. Due to rounding, the glass on the screen creates a feeling of a monolithic body at the junction of the transition from glass to metal.

The assembly as always is at the proper height – the body has no backlash, no squeaks and, contrary to rumors within the network, in normal use it will resist flexing. Granted, if one applies excessive force – one can always break anything. However for me, personally, I have no desire to hold a crash test in order to measure which forces will destroy a gadget which cost me 1 thousand dollars in order to see if it will crack or bend.

The protruding rear camera also does not cause an inconvenience. First, it is protected by a sapphire crystal which is actually very difficult to scratch. Secondly, I am always careful with my gadgets and I believe that it is easier to change a cover than replace the entire body. Therefore I very quickly encased my new friend in its case and also stuck the protective film on the screen. I did this because I know it is a poor habit to carry a phone in ones pocket along with a heavy bunch of keys. Thus now the camera is on par with its cover.

In general, I was completely satisfied with the appearance of the smartphone. You will find that it actually appears much better than in its photos.

And, as it turned out, using the smartphone with one hand is quite possible: You will learn that if you double-tap the “home” button (one must touch it gently and not press), the screen will “move out” down as well as up to the top elements thus making it easy to reach with ones thumb. You will find that this action will not interrupt other actions of this smartphone.

Granted carrying one in jeans is not so convenient. On the other hand perhaps I have small pockets? 🙂

Key Features:

  • Operating system – iOS 8
  • Display – 4.7 “
  • Screen resolution – 750×1334 pixels
  • The number of pixels per inch (PPI) – 326
  • Camera – 8 MP, autofocus
  • Front Camera – 1.2 megapixel.
  • Max. video resolution – 1920×1080
  • Max. video frame rate – 60 frames / s
  • The number of processor cores – 2
  • The video processor – PowerVR GX6450
  • Wireless communication modules – Bluetooth, NFC, Wi-Fi, 3G, LTE, LTE-A, GPS, GLONASS
  • The headphone jack 3.5 mm
  • Weight – 129 g,
  • WxHxT – 67x138,10x6,90 mm

Important fact – if you have a phone with a standard or micro sim-card, you will have to visit the offices of your mobile operator or perhaps search for video tutorials from national skilled craftsmen in order to transform your sim-card to the nano-sim.

Of course, for some these options are not extremely impressive, for some will say that iphone 5 “not the newest thing on the market” and there are smartphones which are a “cooler”. But for me, as a user, the main thing is the end result and how the smartphone works in reality and not based on any synthetic tests. Optimization iOS and sharpening for specific hardware from Apple is so good that with more modest parameters, the output performance “tears” technically over and above any smartphones from other manufacturers. I respect Apple because they do not try to cram the device with all the bells and whistles that are possible, without thinking about whether this or that option will be generally useful. For example the NFC chip in the iPhone appeared only just recently. Before that, the chip was utilized for transferring photos from smartphone to smartphone. However, the scope of its use is currently limited for use only as a payment system, using Apple Pay, at work in the United States.

The phone is really very fast! For the last 3 years I used iphone 4S and thought that it was exceedingly smart. But after I activated the iphone 6th, I realized that all these years I was actually dealing with a turtle phone! Don’t get me wrong, I am not dissing the iphone4S. It’s a compliment however for the speed that the iphone6-th runs at with a 64-bit processor 2nd generation A8 and coprocessor of motion M8. The response of each action can only be described as immediate! There were times when I had the feeling that the phone knew ahead of time what I needed to do and had begun to act before I even put my finger on the screen. I wonder if I am alone in being afraid that smartphones are smarter than me?))) So, as I said, iPhone 6 running iOS 8 (actually now 8.1). Next, I wish to talk about the display, camera, operation time and technology Touch ID.

About the display.
With the appearance of retina displays on the iPhone 4, Apple set some reference standards for smartphone manufacturers. Although research show that for the human eye working at a density 300 ppi or more, that pixels will become indistinguishable. Thus manufacturers raced to market better digits and were forced to increase this figure more and more. Today no one is surprised to see screens 2K with 2560×1440 resolution (and this with 5 (!) inch screen). In my humble opinion this is not good, because the increase in pixel density leads to an increase in energy consumption. And given the fact that manufacturers tend to make the device thinner and thinner, it means that one will have to lurk near an electric socket at all times, and this is not something that anyone will desire.

iPhone 6 obtains a matrix with a resolution of 1334×750 and 326 ppi pixel density (like the iPhone 5s). In Apple this display is called HD Retina. I’m no expert, but the display of the new iPhone 6 will bring forth absolutely gorgeous – bright, contrast, color reproduction in very realistic and very wide viewing angles!

As for black colors – you will find deep blacks instead of dark gray which allows the screen to display the text very clearly.

Apple worked an above grade polarizer. Surely each of us is faced with the need to remove their sunglasses on a hot summer day in order to read something on the screen of your smartphone. Now, however I can use this smartphone without removing my sunglasses even with a minimum screen brightness. Of course it looks darker with the sunglasses, but nevertheless, all is quite readable and legible. Also, if the display brightness is 50% or more, the difference with or without glasses is almost imperceptible.

About camera.

Since entering on the market the iPhone 4S Cupertino-based company does not alter the number of megapixels, and instead has remained faithful to the number 8, while those of competitors has made this figure roll over (are you remember the Nokia 41 megapixel camera?) No, the camera has certainly not migrated here from older devices, it is instead totally redesigned and improved.

So, the camera iSight (8 Mpx).

  • The pixel size is 1.5 microns.
  • Diaphragm (aperture) -ƒ / 2.2. This means that the unit of time on the matrix gets more light, which will provide much better and clearer pictures even in low light conditions.
  • Its focus has become almost instantaneous.
  • Due to the double flash True Tone photographs with flash are obtained without distorting any of the colors.
  • The light sensor on the back side allows you to get a more accurate image exposure.
  • Now iPhone writes HD video with a resolution of 1080p (60 frames/s)
  • Now it is possible to record slow motion (240 frames/sec.) In order to test this, I tried to take a picture of rain. The results were astounding, for it looked very impressive and even slightly intimidating)))
  • In Panorama mode it makes photos with resolutions up to 43 megapixels.

The front camera FaceTime also has received some improvements:

  • Resolution – 1.2 megapixels. By today’s standards, it seems to be very little … But in practice – it is more than enough, as it allows you to take pictures with a resolution of 1280×960.
  • Writes HD video with a resolution of 720.
  • You will find that with Continuous Shooting – you will get 10 frames per second. I quickly learned that all that I needed to do was to click to the end and not let go of the icon of the camera’s shutter. After this iPhone 6 will analyze the whole series and give you the best frame in its opinion. However, you cannot disagree with it and then view the entire series yourself, and thus choose the best shot that fits your taste.
  • Finally, you will find that at the front of the camera is a function for Detection of Faces and Smiles.

Naturally, the quality of mobile photography will not quite live up to the quality of photo performed with a professional photo camera. Nevertheless the six iphone gives some very worthy shots. And when a professional photo camera is not at hand, iPhone 6 may very well be there as an advantage to replace it.

Considering that in Apple iOS 8 gives access to camera settings for third-party developers, such advantages such as third-party applications (such as Manual or ProCam 2) allows you to access even control ISO, shutter speed, and focus. We find that this is a serious support in improving the quality of photos.

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