Airwasher Venta

The idea of buying such technique came to my mind when I became a mother. It was difficult to make a choice from a range of numerous variants. And after spending hours on Internet research I decided to opt for Venta because I needed just an Airwasher and I didn’t want to deal with replaceable filters.
Moreover, the construction is extremely simple. There is just nothing that can get out of order. And finally the 10 year Warranty had bribed me completely! Unfortunately in comparison with other companies Airwashers, the price is quite high but the positive feedbacks from other customers convinced me that it is worth to spend money on!=))
I ordered it online. I don’t remember the title exactly… So, it was delivered and tested. Everything worked properly. We switched it on that very day and started to monitor the humidity changes. The humidity had realy increased during the day but not much, just a few percent. By the way, it will be interesting for you to note the humidity changes. So, I’d advise you to buy any device for humidity measuring or a climate control station.
I was informed that it would take some time ’cause firstly floor and all the furniture in house need to get moistened. Therefore, a certain percentage of humidity is spent for this purpose. And the humidity had really increased after 2-3 days but just a little bit.
So, I need to say, that when the window leaves are open, the moisture decreases rapidly. The humidity level gets even lower at low temperatures. The air is cold and dry. Furthermore, it had taken a lot of my time to deal with this strange term “relative humidity”. It is something about temperature and humidity interdependence. The lower is the temperature, the lower is humidity. It is noticeable during the hot season when the humidity is always higher. Nevertheless, I am not a specialist in this sphere, may be somebody could explain it better. =))
Nonetheless, I topped the container up with new portion of water every day! And all its contents eveporated into the air! It still remains a mystery for me, as it cleans the air or not. But I’m sure, that it does not. It’s just a cunning publicity stunt to attract customers. =)) Yes, the dust really gets inside but it probably just gets sucked into by the vent or just settles, nothing more.
I also think that I should buy a model designed for a larger area. So, for my 17 square meters it was better to take a model designed for 22 square meters. (If I’m not mistaken). Therefore, I’d recommend to take this point into account. May be that was the matter.
The inner drum consists of numerous plates which are impossible to be cleaned. A year later it became brown because of rust from water. Somebody wrote that it can be washed in the dishwasher. But I had not yet tried it and I could not wash it in any way. I had put a lot of efforts to disassemble it but every idea failed.
Thak you for your attention!

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