Air purification, moisturizing, aromatization


  • The humidified air is easier to breathe! For those houses where there is too much heat and the air is too dry.
  • Relieves the conditions of respiratory diseases.
  • Stop the problem of sudden peeling off the skin! Before every winter.

Air purification

  • The amount of dust in the room decreases. In a small room (10 m2) is a lot and for (18 m2) I didn’t notice much difference.
  • Smells disappear! For example, smeared door lubricating oil is typically the smell for the whole day. With sink, air smell was gone after 15 minutes.
  • Allergies decrease. (A good addition to the vacuum cleaner.)


  • Attachment option with 3 aroma. “Soothing”, “Orange”, “Apple”. I tried the last one. The smell is not intrusive (3 drops in 5 l of water), but there was no excitement. I do not recommend its use. It smells like peppermint oil (antibacterial effect) which we use if someone gets hurt.


  • Take care of the furniture! If the constant flow is directed towards the furniture (even at a distance of one meter), books and some other things may start to come loose, hard to close, and deform etc.
  • If your apartment’s air is of normal humidity, I do not recommend to use it on non-stop mode. It is not comfortable, and mold may develop. (I experienced waterlogged air for 48 h in my parents ‘ apartment, 11 m2). The effect appeared on the back of a working heater. Therefore, I recommend to monitor the temperature in the apartment, so it does not increase.

Tricks: odor may not form along with plaque inside (especially if the water is hard). Add common salt in the water. If formed, may create louder tapping. Special cleaners will be required, but it is better not to bring the situation to this stage.

Few facts:

  • Leaves no white crumbs (plaque) on the surrounding objects.
  • Slightly lowers the temperature of the air, because it evaporates moisture.
  • Really like the simplicity of the device. Easy to wash, easy to disassemble and assemble back.
  • If you wait for two days to turn it off (or disabled). It is possible to notice that the humidifier will not be working.
  • It has 2 powers. Working on the second (more intense), the sound is reminiscent of the quiet purr of a cat. At first it is almost imperceptibly.
  • In a very dry apartment, vaporizes 5 liters less than a day. In another apartment for it happens in two days.
  • At night we had to put the handkerchief on the light indicators, to sleep in the dark. This is the only drawback for us!
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