Air cleaner

We bought the Venta 15 air cleaner almost a year ago before our child’s birth. In general we are happy. We first tested it ourselves prior to placing it in the nursery.

No scratches are present on the furniture from its use. It is also not noisy. There is a small sound, but we found that the child sleeps under it perfectly and that even I can also fall asleep in the nursery. Thus I do not consider its noise as a shortcoming.

Before purchasing it, it is essential to understand that at a temperate climate the air cleaner is operated only in a warm season when there the room contains dry air. In our state, from May to October Venta was practically not utilized. When the weather is warm, however, it operates since the air becomes very damp and stale.

We found that we had to wash and add water only every other day or two depending on the conditions when the unit is turned on.

Its various benefits are:

– The effect is very noticeable when the unit is utilized. We were happy to note that our child’s dry nose was managed following only one night’s use..

-The air is moistened, and slimy coating is washed off when the device is washed. Which means, the air of vent is really clean.

Its disadvantages are:

– Too expensive, but we hold out hope that the price will pay off in the long-term.

– In the morning, we noticed that the air in the nursery was quite musty. The reason for this, we think is that the room’s area is only 10 square meters, but the device can handle and moisten 15). That is the reason we include it only during night’s sleep.

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