Air Cleaner Venta humidifier-purifier

I was choosing between Boneco and Venta humidifier-purifier. When I read reviews about air cleaner Boneco, I decided that it didn`t suit me, because some people wrote that it makes unpleasant noise during water delivery. Besides that, Boneco has uncomfortable construction in a vessel for the water and it makes the process of moving difficult. I had no other options. So, I bought Air cleaner Venta. During the first several days of its operations, nothing changed. It was written in the instructions, that the moisture can appear after a week as furniture, carpets first absorb humidity. And through a week it became easy to breathe, I had no nasal congestion and dryness in my nose was completely gone. Less number of small particles was noted as compared to any room with the beams of the sun.

After five months of work, rotational mechanism of the drum started to crack. I founded an advice on the internet that I should grease the drum so now it works well.

The device Venta itself is very simple: It has only two buttons (on/off – change of mode), container for the water, plate drum and the ventilator.

Care taking of the device is also not difficult. You can change the water in the container and clean the drum with the use of hygienic liquid once in every 10-14 days (there were 2 small bottles with it in the package and they were enough for about 2 months). Without this liquid you should change the water every 2-4 days. I removed the top part with motor to wash the container and the drum. When you change the water, you can see that this device cleans the air indeed. You should add the water as necessary or once time in a day or two. In the case of insufficient water, the device turns off and a red indicator lights up. Also this indicator can light up when the device was touched and it`s top part was moved or it in case it is not fixed to the container.

The top part with the ventilator can be dissembled very easily. Wipe it slightly by a damp cloth, the ventilator gets removed itself and wipe it with a dry cloth.

It should be done once in 2 or 3 months but according to the instructions it can be done once in 6 months. The instructions are created so that you don’t assemble it wrong. Somethings will not close or will not work, but it can be turned on without the drum. The device has 2 modes of work: 1-day, 2-night (quiet). Light indication is also present. There is no built-in hygrometer but it works okay without it, because it is not absolutely necessary to measure the level of moisturizing near the humidifier. Design is suitable for most of the interiors. I`ve bought the hygrometer separately.

Pluses of Venta 2 in 1: there is no white bloom on furniture, low energy consumption of around 3-4 watt, and low level of noise 22-32 dB (dependent on mode of work), doesn’t require filters, for its operations only the water and electricity are necessary (possible to use without hygienic liquid). guarantee for 10 years, made in Germany, has two colors: dark and light.

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