Accuracy glucose meter

I decided to buy the glucose meter to provide for  periodic, self-initiated control of my glucose level. Prior to purchasing it, I didn’t use the glucose meters so I don’t know about the different ins and outs features of their use.

It was written about this model of glucose meter that it doesn’t demand coding (probably that is a plus); it is simple to use ( I didn’t notice a considerable difference in comparison with other models); and the time of measurement is 8 seconds (other models are declared to require 5 seconds, but I think that three additional  seconds are simply imperceptible for me.

This model suited me well. I bought it in an Internet drugstore.

Included with the kit is:

  • This glucose meter
  • The handle-auto pricker (Skin puncture needle)
  • 10 sterile lancets
  • Cover
  • Instructions
  • Diary/notebook for recordkeeping

There were no test strips in the set, so I bought them also in addition (25 pieces). Thus the total price was the same or lower than other models which include the test strips in the set.

The glucose meter can be connected to a computer for the transfer and processing of results, the cable and the software are purchased separately for this purpose. (It is me all the same to me, since I use MS EXCEL and I do all the plotting myself–all the tables and schedules)

I am quite happy with the glucose meter; the measurements are simple and clear. So far, I can tell nothing about the accuracy since I haven’t compared them with  laboratory results yet. But, they write on the internet that all household glucose meters have nearly identical accuracy. By the way, Contour TS is made in Japan by Panasonic, so doubts about the quality don’t occur to me.

Today in the drugstores, the price of the test strips for №25 (25 pieces) is $2; the lancets №200 Microlet (200 pieces) cost $11. So,  this glucose meter is the most inexpensive in use (the total cost of one analysis does not exceed 20 cents).


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