A glucose meter (or glucometer) iCheck

I am a Type 1 diabetic with an experience of three years. During this time, I tested several glucose meters.  As a result the choice fell on iCheck, as it is the best quality-to-price ratio. Its merits and demerits follow.

There are advantages:

  1. Price of the test strips. Price, price and once again price. The price of a package of 100 test strips and 100 lancets for iCheck is only $20.
  2. Lancets are in a set with the strips. It isn’t necessary to buy them separately; everything is included in the package.
  3. Lancets are standard and they are compatible with many makes.
  4. Simplicity of calibration. It is calibrated once on all strips of one series with one number .You insert the applied chip with number in the glucometer and it is ready!
  5. Easy-to-read large figures are on the display.
  6. It is hardy. I dropped it from a considerable height onto a tile – it was only scratched.
  7. It measures concentration on plasma but not on whole blood. The lastest research shows that the concentration of glucose in plasma reflects a more accurate glucose reading.
  8. Quality of measurements. I compared with AccuCheck Performa – the results coincide within the measurement accuracy.
  9. The life-time warranty is 50 years. That isn’t a minor feature. There is no repair capability. The unit is replaced in case of failure (it was confirmed at the distributor).
  10. There are offers when you buy 4-6 packs of strips, and the glucometer is a giveaway.

There are disadvantages:

  1. Time of measurement is 9 seconds, some brand have less (5 sec.). It doesn’t strain: while it measures, you just remove the used lancet.
  2. The lancets are large. When you fill up the 25 pieces in a case pocket, it bulges a little. You should be thankful for small mercies for the price. The same AccuCheck Performa has lancets in the form of a revolver –the rolls on 6 needles, but they cost also more.
  3. There is an extra wake. If desired, it is possible to get another. It is inexpensive.
  4. There is a simple LCD display, and it is very minimalist. Actually though, what do you want from a glucose meter, except figures (memory on last results is).
  5. There is a big strip, which is insignificant for me.
  6. Perhaps, there is only one real shortcoming: it is necessary to bleed a little, but nevertheless it is more, than would be required for more expensive glucose meters  such as the AccuCheck Performa. If the blood is applied insufficiently, the result will be underestimated. It is a habit which is solvable to ensure accuracy, it is quite good at such price of strips.
  7. It isn’t widespread in the usual pharmacist’s shop. It is impossible to run into a drugstore at night and buy the strips. But, as I buy for the future, it doesn’t strain me.


Result. I give 5 because iCheck suits me at the price  and quality completely. It is a  firm 4 if I ignore the price. It is ideal for those who want to live with diabetes long and happily, to control blood sugar, but who don'[t want to pay much for a cool AccuCheck brand (the strips are 2-2.5 times more expensive apart from lancets, which is too expensive).

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