180-liter aquarium Juwel Rio

My family has proved that the saying “A cheapskate pays twice” is not always truthful. When we decided to change our aquarium for a bigger one, we decided not to be stingy, and to finally buy the one we have always wanted. Besides, the purchase was occasioned with my husband’s birthday, so It was my son’s and my gift for him.

My child and I gave our Daddy and husband a 180-liter aquarium Juwel manufactured by the German company Rio. With the internal decoration, it cost more than $600. We chose this manufacturer because of two factors. The first is that we were sure of German high quality. The second is that only this company had an 180-liter aquarium of “dark wood” color ideally matching our basic furniture (even the surface finish was the same). We were extremely happy! And, soon after necessary procedures, our fish inhabited their new home. It all happened 10 years ago. Now after all this time I can say: “we are fed up with this Juwel”!

Well, the first year and a half, while its warranty period was valid it worked well. But as ill luck would have it, when the warranty period finished our Juwel started playing mean tricks. At first one lamp burned out. We bought the same branded one which cost 10 dollars. After about a week the second lamp pushed up daisies. We bought a branded one again. After about a month both lamps “fried”. And then stinginess came to life.

This time my husband bought two normal strip lights costing about one dollar. For some time, we forgot about this problem. But others appeared. First, the motor in the filter burned out. Then the pump refused to work. As obedient and responsible clients, we continued buying manufacturer’s components following the user’s manual. But, Juwel’s parts cost a lot. Now, I don’t remember exactly, but we paid sometimes 50, sometimes 70 dollars. Then, the lamps started getting out of order. It appeared that they were not the problem. It all was caused by the built-in sensor. It cost my husband a lot of frustration and effort to get it out and change it, as it seemed to be meant for lifelong work and was tightly sealed.

The only good thing is that there were no leaks and the 180-liter aquarium looks very good. But now we treat the phrase “German quality” cautiously though the ad providers present it as an obvious advantage too often.

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