100 liter aquarium Zelaqua

It has been nearly a year since we acquired our 100 liter aquarium. So we’re not experts, but we can share some thoughts and advice for those who want to raise fish.

1. If you decided  to save your money and buy a pre-owned 100 liter aquarium:

It’s necessary to understand that an aquarium is habitat. Therefore, it could come with unwanted microorganisms and microfauna.

We took a pre-owned aquarium, which held 100 liters of water, and that had been in down time for over a year. Such an 100 liter aquarium you could wash in a bath and not worry about. But if the aquarium had been in use by the time you bought it and it is large, up to 200-400 liters, you should think of washing and disinfection beforehand.

  1. 100 liter aquarium hood

We bought our 100 liter aquarium without any hood. My husband decided to make a plexiglas hood with lighting inside by himself with plans he found on the internet. In my opinion an original hood would have been better, neater and easier to wash. But it is more expensive.

3. Dirt substrate

We decided that live plants are better for the soul. So we went to the bird market and bought some dirt: one sack and two different  jars. Professional aquarium owners smiled at us: “Novices, what can you expect from them?”. Nevertheless, the plants are being fruitful and multiplying very well, with no problems.

4. Plants

We bought our plants from a guy who was growing them for sale. Ten dollars and the whole packet  full of different herbs is yours. But, with the herbs, we brought snails, which bred profusely.

  1. Filter

Some friends bought a pre-owned aquarium and bred some worms. It was a problem. So we bought a new, little, very simple filter. We worried that it wouldn’t cope, so I cleaned the 100 liter aquarium every two weeks. Later cleaning was less often.  And after six months, as if by magic, I no longer needed to clean it at all, because in aquarium there was a balanced ecosystem. It only requires me to top up the water now as it evaporates.

I clean the filter 1-2 times per week. I have two sponges for that. After the procedure, I rinse them in water and squeeze them on my plants, which are pleased with that. It’s natural and the best fertilizer.

  1. Background at rear of the 100 liter aquarium

It’s not a secret that optical illusion makes the 100 liter aquarium seem smaller than it is. It can be fixed if you put something reflective at the wall behind the aquarium. It could be a mirror, but we chose adhesive tape. It sells in OBI.  We pasted it on a light piece of plastic and hung it on a single screw on the wall. The 100 liter aquarium now looks deeper and more interesting.

7. Fishes

When buying fishes, I advise you to pay attention not only for their appearance, but for their behavior.  There are primitive fishes swimming back and forth and that’s all they do. But there are also fishes with a special nature, which are more interesting to observe. For example, scalar fishes fight often, but our catfish are pretty interesting. However, they are barely visible, because they hide at the back wall on the bottom.
All in all, an 100 liter aquarium is not such a burdensome deal and it’s very beautiful.


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One thought on “100 liter aquarium Zelaqua”
  1. A 100l Aquarium is way too small for scalar.
    And no matter how good it works you should sometimes make a water exchange and don’t wash the filter so often.

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